• Ensuring That Your Car Audio System Doesn’t Get You Into Trouble

    Subwoofer in CarShowing off your impressive car audio system can be very exciting and, of course, you will want to push the limits of what the system can do. There are laws in effect that can make abusing your car audio system dangerous because it could result in a ticket or worse. Beyond the fear of legal punishment, you want to be respectful of the people around you. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you don’t get into trouble by using your car audio system a little too loudly.

    The number one rule to keep in mind is to show the power of your system respectfully. If you are in a residential neighborhood, it probably isn’t the best location for you to have your 6×9 speakers bouncing with volume. It is not that you can never play your music loud, you just shouldn’t do it loud when it is going to be a major disturbance to others. Try and find a location where there aren’t many people such as a rural location or a parking lot of a business that is no longer operating. When you aren’t disturbing anyone, you can blast those tunes as loud as you want and not worry about being given a noise pollution citation.

    Of course, most of your driving will occur when there are other people on the road. So as not to disturb other drivers and pedestrians, try to listen to your music with the windows up. This will contain all non-bass music. You can also turn down those awesome new 15″ subwoofers and keep the bass in the front speakers only to really help to contain the music.

    Another important step in ensuring that you stay out of trouble for displaying your audio system a little too loudly is to know your local laws and the laws in all of the places that you travel. If you know that you aren’t breaking a law then you don’t need to be as concerned and can drive without feeling worried every time you pass a cop.

    This next rules doesn’t only apply for when you’re using your car audio system too loudly, it can really always be used. If you are pulled over for using your car audio system too loudly then you should make sure that you are very respectful to the police officers. Display true regret in breaking the law and politely respond to all questions asked. Do not act aggressively and make sure that the police officer does not feel threatened.

    You should follow these important steps if you have a new audio system which you want to show off. By using your car audio system respectfully, legally and carefully you will ensure that you do not get into any legal trouble and that you can enjoy the system to it’s fullest potential.

  • Linking Your Phone To Your Car Audio System

    Bluetooth Stereo PairingYour phone can run your car audio system when paired with a head unit that is either single DIN or double DIN, but you need to make sure you are linked to the right app when you want to get started. The apps that are used for car audio systems are going to help you keep your hands on the wheel, and you will be able to control any music that comes through the system with the app.

    Find The App For The System

    Every company has an app that is going to let you control your car audio, and you should download that app before you get started. The apps that you use are going to give you a simple interface that will give you control over the audio, and you will be able to use that audio to play music from the radio, your phone or run the CD player. This is like connecting your mp3 player to the device without connecting directly.

    The Wireless Connection

    The wireless connection (generally bluetooth) from your phone to the car audio system is going to help you get the radio going when you cannot reach the buttons. The app will take voice commands, or you can press the buttons from the passenger seat. This is a very easy way to get the radio going, or you can change the music without touching the stereo. It is much easier to use the app than it is to use the buttons on the dash.

    Phone Music Playing

    You can play music from your phone at any time, but you need to make sure you have an established connection with the car when you get started. The phone will connect to the car’s signal, and you will be able to play anything on your phone. You are bypassing the cable that must be used, and you can even play media you find on websites on your phone.

    The best way to control the car audio in your vehicle is with your phone and the app that you use is going to help you connect to the stereo easily. Every person who uses this is going to keep their hands off the dash and you can turn on the car’s music from anywhere in the vicinity of the car for a nice experience.